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Best Medical Products

Quality medical products at best prices

About us

Who Are We? is a subsidiary of Synthium™ Health, Inc. We supply healthcare products at reasonable prices and distribute high quality reputed medical products.

Tilium™ medical products are intended to be innovative & elegant, manufactured by keeping in mind the end user's comfort and asthetics. The most current project includes transparent N-95 masks followed by development of a replacement prosthetics.

Our Mission

Medical supplies is the single largest expense outside of labor costs and it is expected to eclipse labor costs in the near future.

Innovations in medical devices and drugs made incredible progress in life expectancy and quality of living. However, the cost of bringing these innovations to market is laborious and expensive.

We bring innovative products and offer them at lower prices by leverating Synthium™ technology and relevant partners. We collabaration with partners such as surgeons, manufacturer and reduce intermediaries.

Significant savings can be achieved (up to 50% savings on certain PPI supply items) by aggregate purchasing volume and/or utilizing generic equivalent medical devices.

Why ™?

  • High quality products utilizing highest quality of materials.

  • Elegant designs and comfortable to wear.

  • Cutting-edge technology.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Ongoing research and development.