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Get to know what you need to do in each step; understanding the flow will make it easier to follow the steps.

  • Create or sign up to log in to the wallet (You will need to validate your account via email)

  • Once you validate, you will be prompted to enter your username and password

  • After logging in, you are in your Synthium wallet dashboard

  • From here on, everything is self-explanatory. However, we encourage you to download this step by step guide for easy purchase

Wallet screenshot

*We would like to remind and alert everyone to be vigilant against scammers, and use ONLY addresses and instructions you copy directly from our official site and blog. Be on the alert for misspelled accounts, copycat sites and other shenanigans. If you see something, say something. And always encourage the members of the community you refer us, to check here first and get their information directly from Synthium Health’s official channels.

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