Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Synthium health?

Synthium Health is a cloud-based, block chain enabled, digital information and commerce platform engineered exclusively for the healthcare industry. We offer automated supply chain management solutions that create remarkable experiences between trading partners by driving engagement and conversion.

2. What is the name of the token?

Synthium Health’s token, SHP will be created as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and will be integrated into Synthium platform. It is fundamentally a protocol token that will not only provide access to Synthium Health platform to get membership with but also act as a secondary means of currency for trading on the platform.

3. Is there a maximum amount for the crowdfund?

Synthium Token crowdsale ends after receiving $100M or at the end of the sale period, whichever occurs first.

4. How long does the Synthium token sale last?

The CrowdSale would commence on, November 27th, 2017 and end on February 28th, 2018.

5. Are there any discounts for early investing in Synthium Tokens?

Yes. Please contact us via our website on the home page and we can tailor a deal based on your requirements.

6. How is the token price decided?

Based on our market research the initial token price is set at $0.65/SHP.

7. How do I participate?

You will be able to purchase through the digital wallet on this website. Click on the Token Sale menu item and you will find the “How to buy” button which will navigate you to the digital wallet.

8. How can I access my tokens?

Tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform. You can access your account by logging into your wallet on our website.

9. What exchanges will you be traded on?

We plan to be traded on one or more platforms and these announcements will be made in due course.

10. What currencies will be accepted?

BTC, ETH, LTC, USD. The currency (or coin) that is used to purchase the SHP will be converted to a USD equivalent at the time we receive it. This standardizes all payment methods and locks in current market valuations.

11. Will you accept direct Fiat payments?


12. As a multi-currency token sale, will it be pegged to a single currency or kept in multi-currency. If pegged, how is the conversion price calculated for unpegged currencies?

The Tokens will be allocated according to the market value of the buyers’ USD amount (or equivalent amount in another currency or token received), calculated at the time their amount was received by Synthium Health. For amounts received in the form of Fiat currency will be converted to USD as on as of the date the received by Synthium Health.

14. Does Synthium comment on the SHP token market?

No. We do not comment on pricing, volatility, or the direction the market is heading.

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