Exclusive interview with Vijay Reddy, CEO of Synthium Health

“There are small and innovative medical device manufacturing companies who do not have the necessary resources to go to the market. Currently, they sell their products to distributers with low margins to spare, or the products are private labelled to be sold under big manufacturers. Either case, they are running on the razor thin margins. […]

Synthium Health’s Alibaba Type Platform For The Healthcare Supply Chain

Synthium Health provides a unique networking marketplace that brings together healthcare providers and suppliers for simplified, efficient and cost-effective exchanges that build businesses. Their automated platform creates efficiencies and maximizes revenues, all the way through the supply chain process. Marietta, Georgia, September 29, 2017, What Alibaba did for the manufacturing supply chain Synthium Health is about […]

Synthium Health’s Pre-Token Generation Event (TGE) is Leading The Overhaul of Today’s Healthcare Supply Chain Management Industry

The systems used for supply chain management today are often built on old, inflexible technology that cannot link directly to critical applications necessary for full visibility and informed decision-making. Marietta, Georgia, September 14, 2017, Recent studies have declared the need for changes in Healthcare Supply Chain Management. Improving supply chain processes will allow clinicians to spend […]

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